January 31, 2023



Expanding membership top priority for newly elected AFC Region 10 leaders

Newly elected AFC NEC Member Devin Sears MP

At the recently held Alliance for Change (AFC) general elections, Region 10 Member of Parliament Devin Sears and Regional Democratic Councillor Norris King, were elected to the party’s National Executive Committee. MP Devin Sears said that although the party already has solid support in Region 10, it will be working towards expanding its membership.

“Yes, AFC has a following and solid support in Region 10 which dates back to 2006 when the PPP stole a parliamentary seat from this young party, and even more evident in 2018 Local Government Elections when it secured two seats in Linden and almost the majority at the Kwakwani Neighbourhood Democratic Council,” Sears stated.

The young leader noted that while the party is focused on expanding membership in Region 10 and Guyana at large, it can only be done through collective effort of long standing and young members of the party.

“This has to and will be done as part of a collective effort between long standing and young members who bring with them several diversifying approaches that range from outreaches, engagements and published representations,” Sears explained.

“It even goes further to embrace recalibrating my party’s structure and strategies, reconnect with its base of supporters and deliver on commitments,” he added in an interview with INFO 10.

Meanwhile, National Executive Member of AFC, Norris King highlighted that while the AFC remains in coalition with APNU, it will maintain its independence as a political party.

King related, “We in the AFC have a different blend of politics and we continue to maintain that brand and even though we are in a coalition with the APNU we always have and will continue to maintain that independence as a political party.”

He went on to say that going forward, persons can expect the AFC to be more vocal on topics of interest and things that are disheartening.

Newly elected AFC NEC Member Norris King

…new Vice Chairman for Region 10 coming soon

Since the passing of the Ex-Vice Chairman of Region 10, Douglas Gittens, in June 2021, due to the COVID-19 virus, the position has been vacant.

Sears said that filling the vice chairman position is a matter of urgency for Region 10, adding that having the spot vacant for over a year now has resulted in a setback in regional development.

“I believe is unfortunate and needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency, this is a setback in regional development since the office is responsible mainly for sub region 2 and giving support to the council’s agenda; however, I am confident that an appointment will be in the coming month,” Sears stated.

According to King, the Regional Democratic Council does not have a full cabinet of councillors which continues to delay the process of electing a new Vice Chairman.

“A number of things have to take place in order for that vacancy to be filled. Apart from the Vice Chairman who passed away due to COVID-19, there are two other councilors who have died in the past year and one who recently resigned so there is not a full complement of councillors,” he explained.

He further noted that while the vice chairman position is designated to the AFC, a full council still has to vote on the AFC members nominated to fill the spot.

“The AFC as a political organisation still has to get the full house to support the vice chair post.  Even though the AFC will appoint their representative for that post, we still need the full house to vote on it. So until the PPP and PNC fill those vacancies then we will go through the formality of instituting the vice chairman,” King clarified.

He noted that while a void exists due to the vacant position, AFC awaits the correct process to take place which includes the swearing in of the new PPP and PNC councillors.

Recently, the AFC elected a team comprising party stalwarts and youths who will take the party forward for the next two years.

Retaining the position of Leader of the AFC is Khemraj Ramjattan while Cathy Hughes, former Vice Chairperson was elected Chairman. Ricky Ramsaroop was elected the new Vice Chairman. The position of General Secretary is now held by Sherod Duncan.

Along with Sears and King, 10 others were elected as members of the National Executive Committee.

AFC’s National Executive Committee is the second highest decision making forum of the party.