December 2, 2023



Plans afoot for LTW 2023

  • As 2022 celebrations deemed a major success
Chairman of the LMTC Social Committee Lawrence Simon

Councillor of the Linden Mayor and Town Council (LM&TC) and Chairman of the Social Committee, Lawrence Simon, in a recently held LM&TC statutory meeting, gave a report on the Linden Town Week (LTW) 2022 celebrations and confirmed that LTW  2023 is to be held from April 22nd to May 1st.

LTW represents the celebrations of the town’s birthday and those celebrations are headed and controlled by LM&TC.

In his report, Simon deemed LTW 2022 a success, given the short space of time that the LM&TC had to prepare for the calendar of 53 events. He acknowledged what the shortcomings were this year which will aid in better decision making for future celebrations. “We know what our limitations were,  we know what transpired, it’s just about fixing it, so now moving forward, we can now hopefully work together and better what we had.”

He noted that the net income for 2022 is $3 M.  This however is not the final net income thus far since promoters for several events still have balances outstanding for the council.

Councillors then raised concerns as why there is not yet a completed financial statement since all promoters who hosted an event for the LTW were expected to give the LM&TC a down-payment before their event was held and then to pay 15 percent of what was earned at their gate one week after the event.

However, before the LTW celebrations commenced, promoters engaged the council about how unreasonable it was to demand 15 percent off of the event’s gate earnings, which is before expenses are deducted from that sum.  

Before each event, the council had each promoter sign a Memorandum of Understanding  on the payment of the 15 percent.

The LM&TC now has plans to send each promoter a lawyer’s letter to ensure they pay what they deem as their 15 percent profits along with denying them the opportunity of hosting another LTW event in the future.

For LTW 2023, the council now invites stakeholders and promoters to visit the LM&TC with their proposals to put ideas together and finalise guidelines and payments as early as possible.

Persons can present proposals with signature or new events once it is in keeping with the calendar of activities.