December 2, 2023



Genesis’ Shampoo Bar taking organic hair care to another level

By Naomi Marshall

Owner of Genesis Organics, Serina Roberts and some of the Genesis Shampoo Bar

Genesis’ Shampoo Bar is giving liquid shampoo manufacturers a run for their money. Not only is the product 100 percent organic but it is sulfate free making it gentle and conditioning for all hair types.

The shampoo bar which produces loads of fluffy lather is made of natural oils combined with aloe vera, coconut milk and rice water, cleansing your hair like never before; the safe and healthy way.

While the shampoo bar might be regarded as just another soap, Owner of Genesis Organics, Serina Roberts, made it clear that the shampoo bar is way different from a soap.

“It is not a soap, soap is not for your hair because it is very alkaline and your hair is acidic so with the shampoo bar I know persons would often want to say it is soap but it is not because the pH is specially formulated to benefit the hair,” she said.

Roberts of Amelia’s Ward Linden said that her challenge with obtaining 100 per cent organic hair care products, is what led her to start her business.

“I started Genesis Organics, because I found that using organic products was the best way to maintain healthy hair so it was really important for me to use organic products and I found that even some of the products being advertised as organic were really not organic,” she related.

According to Roberts, Genesis was launched April 2022 with the aim of producing 100 percent natural hair products and selling them at affordable prices.

The 21-year-old noted that while Genesis Organics only offers the shampoo bar presently, she plans to take her business up a notch in the future by adding conditioners, moisturizers and hair oils to her catalog of products.

She went on to say, “I would like to expand a lot in the future…. so as the years go by, I first would like to expand in Guyana, and throughout the Caribbean and eventually, worldwide. Making it a household name is the end goal.”

Presently, Genesis’ Shampoo Bar can be purchased from The Hive in Linden, and deliveries are made to Georgetown and Berbice.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, Roberts is a medical student who enjoys watching television series and reading.

The young woman described herself as ambitious, innovative and kind.

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Caption: Owner of Genesis Organics, Serina Roberts

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Caption: Genesis’ Shampoo Bar