July 13, 2024



Young Linden woman taking graphic designing to another level

By Naomi Marshall

Caleah Barker, Proprietor of Affinity Graphics Studio, and some of her products

As the various industries around the world continue to grow, it would not be overstating to say that graphic design has and continues to play a vital role in the growth of these industries.

Graphic designing services such as creating logos, brochures, magazines, advertisement campaigns, and business cards, among other promotional contents, cater to the needs of all businesses.

Creating an impact in businesses in Linden, Region 10, through her graphic designing skills is Caleah Barker, proprietor of Affinity Graphic Studio.

Services currently being offered by Affinity Graphic Studio include creating of logos, business cards, customization of binders, bottles, back packs, bowls, cases, balloons, and chip bags, among others.

The 23-year-old of Half Mile, Wismar, Linden where she grew up with her father and sister, attended the Wismar Hill Primary School and subsequently, the Mackenzie High School. This is where her career in graphic designing would start.

In her fourth year of high school, Barker started designing assignment covers for her classmates, and after graduating in 2016, she would still continue to design assignment covers, among other things for family members.

“I always had a natural liking for designing stuff, I could recall in high school designing all my class mates’ SBA covers or assignments and over the years I would design things for my family and they would encourage me to start a business since I was really good at what I did, so that is exactly what I did.,” she recalled.

On June 7, 2021, Barker launched her business, Affinity Graphics Studio and at the time she only did flyers and logos which she fashioned from her cell phone.

This was a challenge for the young lady. However, the support she gained was tremendous and with discipline, she managed to save her money and purchased herself a laptop with sufficient specs to expand her graphic designing services.

The graphic designer shared that she is delighted by being able to assist entrepreneurs in boosting their businesses.

She said, “I feel elated that I could help boost businesses, marketing and advertising campaigns with my effective visual communication such as flyers, logos and such.”

Items customized by Affinity Graphics Studio

Barker related that she is aiming to establish her very own graphic design studio in the future but for now she will remain working from home.

The Lindener is currently studying Project Management at the University of the West Indies, and Graphic Designing at Global Technologies.

Additionally, she is an Assistant Logistics Officer by profession.

She expressed that juggling her business, fulltime job and school can be a challenge.

“Handling school and business is challenging because I do not really get time for myself …after work I have to join classes, then I have to do assignments and sill have to handle my business page and then still complete all the work I have for my clients, but I am working it out,” she stated.

Persons interested in accessing services offered by Barker can do so via her business page @Affinity Graphics Studio on Facebook or by calling cell phone number 592- 646-1148