March 31, 2023



Delroy “Steel” Hinds Wins First “Country Styles Food Cycling Classic”

The action at the started at the Country Styles Food Cycling Classic started at 11:00 hrs. with the BMX Open Boys Event. The winner of this event was Jahvin Henry while Rodwyn Austin, grabbed the second place and little Luke Gunraj, easily copped third place. Shaphon Douglas was the champion of the School Boys Racing Cycles.

With three veterans competing, Nigel London showed great strength to finish in first. Coming out on top was Delroy “Steel’ Hinds, who wanted revenge after what happened in the riverfront festival sprints earlier this month. However, the circuit and the sun got the better of his rival, Christopher Corneilius, who dropped out after a few laps.

Coming in second was Orville Hinds, who finally got the better of Nigel London (3rd Place) after he was beaten in both the Linden Town Classic and the Riverfront Festival Sprints. It was a close call for the 4th position as Ras Taff O’Selmo barely pipped Garfield Lorimer to the line. Despite it being a smaller turn out from Linden Bauxite Flyers Cycling Club previous events, the spectators gathered was not short of any excitement.

This event was sponsored by Country Styles Foods, the manufacturer of Country Styles Plantain Chips, that operates its factory Amelia’s Ward, Linden.