September 26, 2023



Cash grant distribution jump start school shopping in Linden

—Over $345 M to be distributed in Region 10

Minister of Public Works Bishop Juan Edghill interacting with Linden parents as they wait to uplift their cash grants

Over $345 M in the ‘Because We Care’ cash grants will be distributed at schools located in the Upper Demerara-Berbice Region within a three day period. On Tuesday, eager parents turned up to the 12 distribution points across Linden to receive the $30,000.00 cash grant, which is expected to be used to assist with expenses relating to preparation for the new school year. The process was smooth and without hassle. Teachers, supervised by Ministry of Education officials, distributed the cash grants. Students from across 35 primary, secondary and nursery schools in the region, will benefit from the initiative.

In Central Mackenzie, parents were seen shopping school uniforms and other items for the students and shared how welcoming and timely the distribution is, given we are currently experiencing a rise in cost of living. Many parents also were seen in electronic stores purchasing electronic tablets for their children which are expected to aid in their research. Stationery stores were also packed to capacity on Tuesday afternoon. “I am very grateful for the money, it came at the right time and it will definitely help a lot in preparation for school,” Toshanna Yearwood, a parent of a Grade One child expressed.

The vendors in the Mackenzie market were also happy for the distribution, claiming that it will result in an increase in sales, something that has been stagnant for the last few weeks, given the rise in cost of living and persons were focused on purchasing only what is essential. “Business was very slow for a while, so we are grateful, we already see sales picking up and this will help our families too,” Ronnell Mingo, a variety store vendor said.

Visiting some of the schools were Minister of Public Works Bishop Juan Edghill who went to the Mackenzie High School first where in excess of $15 M was distributed. The Minister encouraged the parents to use the grants for the sole purpose of educating the children. Cash grant distribution will continue in the outlying communities (Sub Region Two) of Region 10 on Wednesday, August 3rd and Thursday, August 4th. Minister of Education Priya Manickhand, said the grant is for every Guyanese child registered in a private or public school. “This grant is for every single Guyanese student who is on the register and who had been attending school, because we care,” she posited. The initiative will see over $6 B being distributed across Guyana.