January 30, 2023



Linden’s newest centenarian plans to live many more years.

Centenarian Ismay Simpson

The 100-year-old resident of Block 22, Linden, does not plan on kicking the bucket anytime soon, since she is still filled with energy and all of her senses are intact. She can see without spectacles and walk without a cane. She also does not suffer from any serious illnesses or has any medical complications. Decked out in gold, Ismay Simpson fondly known as Aunt May, who was born in 1922, fascinated her guests at her 100th birthday celebration in Amelia’s Ward, by dancing and touching her toes.

Her great granddaughter related that she was always an avid dancer and would journey to Linden yearly to revel in the Mashramani bands. Simpson migrated to Linden about two years ago after her family thought it best for her care. At the time she migrated, she was still selling newspapers in Georgetown. She even played dominoes and won a competition at the age of 98.

In addition to selling newspapers, Ismay, worked at an abattoir, sold black pudding ingredients, perishables at the Bouda market and creole food, to provide for her five children, two of whom are still alive.

At her celebration, she was surrounded by her surviving children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grand children. She is happy to have survived to see many generations as she is an only child. Ismay credits the blessings of God and her jolly personality for her long life.