October 1, 2023



11 days of activities set for Bolo’s anniversary celebrations

BOLO’s Variety Staff participating in the community clean up exercise

In an effort to give back to the community for decades of support at its Wismar Branch and two years of support at the Amelia’s Ward Branch, 11 days of activities are set to celebrate the anniversary of Bolo’s Variety and Furniture World, which has become a household name in Linden. Chief Executive Officer of the establishment Lauren Joseph-Simon, said the aim is the ensure the people of Linden are involved in the celebration. Activities started on Saturday October 1st, and will culminate on October 11th, 2022.

On Saturday there was grand thanksgiving service at Emmanuel Seventh Day Adventist Church and on Sunday there was a breakfast morning for our pensioners and clean up exercise for Empire Drive, Amelia’s Ward. On Monday, there will be an appreciation exercise for National Grade Six Assessment and Caribbean Secondary Examination Council students residing in the Victory Valley and surrounding Wismar communities. On Sunday October 9th, there will be a Linden Bauxite Flyers Club in collaboration with Bolo’s Variety Cycling event in Amelia’s Ward. From October 1st to October 11th, there will be a ‘Red Tag’ sale at both store locations. Everything in the store with a red tag, can be purchased on hire purchase or cash with as much as 10 percent discount.

In 2022, Joseph-Simon established a mega home furnishing store in the Amelia’s Ward Community.

Joseph-Simon, is the daughter of the late  Albert Joseph- the founder of Bolo’s Variety Store, who was robbed and shot in the Sun Flower Street store, broad- day light, in January 2011. The Wismar location has been in existence for 35 years. Thirteen Lindeners are currently employed at both locations.