December 11, 2023



Kwakwani businesswoman loses car, section of home to fire

image showing the car and the bottom section of the home that were destroyed by the fire

A Kwakwani businesswoman is counting millions of dollars in losses after fire destroyed a car and a section of her home last Thursday, at lot 51 First Phase Housing Scheme, Kwakwani, Upper Berbice River.

Enquiries disclosed that the top flat of the home is the dwelling area, while the bottom flat is a shop. The owner’s son Anfonie Les Flores, secured the house about four months ago and left for the interior, leaving his car downstairs under the veranda section of the building. On Thursday, neighbours in the area saw the car on fire and they immediately called the police station and reported their observation. They later went over to the premises where they formed a bucket brigade and managed to extinguish the blaze. The car and the front door of the shop were completely destroyed by the fire.

Investigation continuing.