June 21, 2024



All set for Independence celebration in Linden

By Abiola Archer

Guyana’s national Independence ceremony to mark 58 years as an independent nation, will be celebrated in Linden this year and all systems have been instituted for a successful event. The celebration will be held at the Mackenzie stadium, formerly known as the Mackenzie Sports Club Ground. Traditionally, small flag raising ceremonies were kept in each region while the national ceremony was kept in the capital city. However, the Government of Guyana has made a decision to extend the national event to the various regions each year. The national independence anniversary celebrations were hosted outside of Georgetown, in Regions Two and Nine, over the past two years, respectively. Over the last few days, Mackenzie has underwent a massive facelift to facilitate the celebrations. Enhancement works included drainage cleaning, cleaning and rehabilitation of roads, de-bushing,decorating of buildings and other public infrastructure.

The western gate of the stadium will be used by civilians through the Bulletwood, Silverballi and Determa Streets for entrance to the event, while the eastern gate will be used by government officials. The road leading to the Speightland community will be closed. Vending will also be allowed for eight persons inside of the stadium. Cultural performances will be showcased such as dancing, singing, drama, military band displays and joint service parade. The entire cabinet of government will be in attendance while President Dr. Irfaan Ali will be giving the feature address. Fireworks will be displayed after the hoisting of the Golden Arrowhead.

Parashooting activities will be done earlier in the day around 17:00 hrs. where troopers will be landing on the Wismar shore at the Christianburg Wismar Secondary School Ground. The entire public is invited to the event.
Meanwhile, regional and elected officials of Region 10, have voiced their disappointment on the lack of inclusivity relative to the planning and coordinating as well as the absence of an official invitation to regional and municipal councillors. In a statement, Regional Chairman Deron Adams said he will not in attendance as a response to being issued a late invitation, not being consulted on the planning as well an invitation not being extended to the entire council. “My absence as Chairman at this event will therefore reflect my disappointment at the total shut out of your elected Council from this national activity, while I celebrate with our constituents the pride of our nation achieving our 58th Independence Anniversary.”

Similar sentiments were expressed by Regional Member of Parliament Jermaine Figueira. In a statement, he said, “The decision to host such a significant national event in Linden, a town known for its rich cultural heritage and immense talent should have been an inclusive and community-centered initiative.Unfortunately, the Minister and by extention his Ministry’s approach has been anything but inclusive. The exclusion of local and regional elected leadership from the planning process is not just a procedural oversight; it is what we consider to be a deliberate disregard for the voices of those who represent the very community in which this event is being held. Furthermore, the failure to extend invitations in a timely manner to all councilors from the Town Council and Regional Democratic Council is a stark illustration of this exclusionary practice.”