March 5, 2024



Grand motorcade to replace cancer walk on Sunday

-As ‘Woman on the Move’ transforms annual programme in keeping with COVID-19 regulations

Over the last 19 years, the streets of Linden were being transformed into a sea of pink, as hundreds of Lindeners, would participate in the annual ‘Women on the Move’, run walk and jog marathon. Unfortunately this signature October event in the mining town, has been put on pause but has been substituted with a grand motorcade that will take place on Sunday. 

According to Executive Member of Women on the Move Judy Gravesande, there was no way the COVID-19 pandemic would have shut down the activity and the group just took the opportunity to get a bit ingenious. Instead of residents marching in pink, their vehicles will be draped in pink, decorating the streets of both Wismar and Mackenzie, with the ‘Colour of Hope’, as we raise awareness of the deadly disease and pay homage to those that lost the battle, show respect to those who survived and support to those still fighting. 

Gravesande related that permission was granted by the Regional COVID-19 Task Force for the event to be held. 

The motorcade however will be the concluding event on the weekend of calendar of activities. On Friday, the organization commenced its ‘20th Year of Cancer Awareness Observance’ activities under the theme, “Give Hope, Save Lives,” one that is a true representation of the group’s aim. The ‘Pink it Up Linden’ initiative was held, which saw Lindeners wearing all shades of pink and buildings and vehicles decorated in Pink. Several organizations participated in the initiative, including the Linden Hospital Complex, the National Insurance Scheme and Republic Bank. 

The Department of Education, Region 10, also joined in on spreading Cancer awareness with its ‘Cancer Awareness Booth’. 

Additionally, a donation was made to the group by Member of Parliament, Jermaine Figueira on behalf of the ‘Caring for Others Foundation’.

Between 17:00hrs and 19:00hrs on Saturday, persons are expected to participate in ‘Light up the Pink bow,’ an activity where persons can partake in the formation of a lit pink bow on the Linden/Georgetown bus park, through the use of lit candles.

‘Women on the Move Organization’, was founded in 2000 and started as an all-female walk, run and jog marathon in Linden since it only targeted breast cancer. 

However, over the years it began to include males, as it became known that cancer can affect both males and females. This caused the annual marathon, to be opened to the participation of men, women and even children.

Other members of the group are Camille Cummings, Mayfield Taylor, Wonda Richmond, Janet Allen, Jacqueline Smith and Glenette Arthur. These are women who dedicated their time over the past 20 years to bring awareness to the disease in the mining town of Linden.