March 5, 2024



Young entrepreneurs took the spot light at Linden Tourism Day Exhibition

Tia Williams of T’s String Art

Capturing all of the attention at the Linden Tourism Day Exhibition Event on Friday at the Mackenzie Water-Front, were the many new and young faces of small businesses who participated in their first exhibition. It was evident that among of the negativities 2020 had to offer, one positive is that scores of small businesses were established in Region 10, by young people.

Many of these businesses are those along the line of art and craft and young people took the extra time the lock down afforded them during the earlier months of the pandemic, to capitalise and sift out their talents that were underexploited in previous years. Many of these entrepreneurs took the risk and turned their hobbies into a business venture and are seeing the dividends day by day.

The Tourism Day Exhibition, which was held under the theme, “‘Region 10, Guyana’s gem’, was aimed at promoting local products, crafts and services. It was organized by the Region 10 Tourism Association as was the climax of a month of activities held in observance of tourism month. The event saw many local craftsmen and women, culinary manufacturers and agro-processors showcasing their contributions to the Linden business fraternity.

Some of the veteran exhibitors included Dianne Plowell from Pleasurable Flavours and Owen DeSouza from DeSouza’s Oils and Soaps.

First timers who wowed the crowd with their creativity, ingenuity and uniqueness, included Terianna Carto from Resin Essentials. This young woman customises key chains and has captured her clientele with her dashing products. She started the business in September and related to INFO 10, that the response has been amazing thus far. This motivated her to take her promotion a step further by displaying her hand-made products at the Tourism Day event. Like many others, Carto used the extra time the pandemic afforded her to use her skill as a business venture. She also studied entrepreneurship at the University of Guyana, so it was easy for her to channel that theoretical knowledge into a real business venture.

Terianna Carto (left) from Resin Essentials showcasing her customised key chains

Tia Williams from T-Strings Art, took a standing ovation for one of the most unique products displayed at the Exhibition. Tia has perfected her skill in string art- a rear form of art where she uses twine to customise portraits, photos, initials, icons and pretty much whatever her clients request. She too started this booming business venture during the quarantine and has already received an overwhelming response. She encouraged other youths to search within themselves and see what they are good at and to maximise on their potential.

Another newbie to the arts industry in Region 10, who had her innovative and novel art pieces on display, was Shenelly Bowen-Phill of Heaven’s Bliss. Bowen-Phill specialises in home and event decor, unique wall paintings, wall ornaments and other eye-catching craft items, that would lift the appearance of any room. For her first exhibition, the young entrepreneur believes it gave her the exposure she needed, for a boost to her already growing business.

Shenelly Bowen-Phill from Heaven’s Bliss showcasing her home decor products

Other businesses that were on dislay included New Generation Clothing, Miss Monique’s Kitchen, Gifted Hands Creation, Taz Foods Green Seasonging and Garlic Sauce, A and J Interior, and others. Organizers of the event described it as a hit and the goal of showcasing local talent was realised.

It was also realised that in addition to what nature has blessed Region 10 with, the talent of its people shows that the region has great potential in having an advanced tourism sector.

Other events that were captured in the month of activities, included Hik-kaya-aton Competition and a Fishing Exploration, The curtains came down on Saturday afternoon with a Boss Fest virtual concert and awards ceremony, which aimed at recognising local artiste.