April 15, 2024



KUI employees awarded for their outstanding performance

Leandro Grant receiving his award

      Kwakwani Utilities Incorporated (KUI) held its maiden award ceremony last evening at the Kwakwani Staff Club/ Guest House. Five employees were awarded for their outstanding performance in their respective departments.

    The General Manager of KUI, Leslie Sobers Jr., who delivered the feature address, thanked the staff for their arduous work and dedication for 2020 despite having to face the challenges of a global pandemic.

     ” You have moved from where you were comfortable and was placed in a position you have not been prepared for, but you have fought against the odds and have shown your willingness to serve the company and the community at the best of your ability, ” Sobers affirmed.

      Also present at the simple award ceremony was Horace Williams, CEO of the Hinterland Electrification Company.

Awardees and senior officials at the Kwakwani Utilities Incorporated

Williams commended the staff for their outstanding performance over the years and most significantly in 2020.

   “It has been a fairly great year for the company, besides the challenges of 2020, KUI was able to weather the storm,” Williams said.

   He further extended his gratitude to the management, for bringing a reduction of power outages in the community.

     In an invited comment, Williams told INFO 10 that in 2021, management will prioritise on disassembling the old (asbestos) pipelines with new ones, in an effort to distribute adequate water to the developing community. He has made a proposal to the Government, to upgrade the electrical distribution network.

   Leandro Grant, KUI Electrical Foreman, was awarded for his outstanding performance. Grant told INFO 10 that he is grateful to the management for recognizing his hard work and dedication, during his 10 years tenure with the company.

   ” During my years with the company, I was able to upgrade the secondary distribution and we now have a reliable influx of electricity in the community, ” the appreciative Grant disclosed to INFO 10.

     Grant was also highly recognized by the former General Managers of KUI for his readiness to work when called upon, which led to his appointment as the Electrical Foreman in 2017.

  Also receiving awards were,Clifton John, Krishon Williams, Osmand Noble and Carson Jones.