April 15, 2024



Mayor of Linden Waneka Arrindell

Economic, infrastructural development top on agenda for Region 10 elected officials

Mayor of Linden Waneka Arrindell

Recently elected officials of the Linden Mayor and Town Council (LMTC) and the Kwakwani Neighbourhood Democratic Council (KNDC), promise to push infrastructural and economical development during their term. Mayor of Linden Waneka Arrindell and Deputy Mayor, Wainwright Bethune along with Chairman of the KNDC, Elsie McPherson and her Deputy Chairman, Cort Simeon, were reelected during recent internal elections. The officials outlined a number of significant developmental projects slated for 2021.

In a recent interview with INFO 10, Arrindell disclosed several projects that will be of priority in their third term in office.

“The “I LOVE LINDEN” monument will be erected, a massive welcome sign will be erected at Bamia, cleaning of the entire riverfront, each constituency can anticipate having their community centres, signage and drainage clearing,” were some of the plans Arrindell disclosed.

    In an effort to boost the economy through commercial activities, LMTC plans on creating two additional market spaces; one in Amelia’s Ward and in Wisroc. According to Arindell, the aim is to decentralize commercial activities within the township so that each community can become its own commercial hub.  The Wismar Municipal Market will also see some significant amount of rehabilitation.

 The Mayor and Deputy Mayor also informed INFO 10 of their plans to collaborate with the RDC to initiate a ‘FARMERS DAY’ which will allow local farmers to be given a day in each week to flood the market spaces with their produce.

  Meanwhile, The KNDC Chairwoman and Deputy also informed INFO 10 of projects they will prioritise on in 2021, which will be beneficial to all in the community.

KNDC Chairwoman Elsie McPherson

    KNDC would be collaborating with Kwakwani Utilities Incorporated (KUI) to install pipelines at the Kwakwani Waterfront to provide potable water to residents beyond Edwards Crossing for the first time.

The Waterfront playfield which would occasionally be flooded in the rainy season will be backfilled.

 The entire community will be lit with solar streetlights; drain construction and road maintenance will also be undertaken in the community.

     Despite the officials represent the A Partnership for National Unity/ Alliance for Change (APNU/AFC) Coalition, they express their eagerness to work with the People’s Progressive Party (PPPC) Government for the development of their constituencies.

    “This type of leadership is just a higher form of service to the people, I am humbled to be reelected and I’m prepared to serve. I am willing to work with any sitting government for the betterment of the people of Linden, ” Arindell stated.

      Bethune told INFO 10 he was confident in being reelected since he would have developed a good relationship with the council and community over the years. I am willing to work with any person or administration who is interested in the development of Linden.”

   McPherson and Simeon also shared similar sentiments. ” The council consists of four political parties, no way we can be caught playing politics. Our objective is to bring growth and development to the community, ” they stated.