February 21, 2024



Sections of Amelia's Ward developing housing schemes

4000 house lots to be developed in Amelia’s Ward

By Naomi Marshall

Sections of Amelia’s Ward developing Housing Schemes

The Ministry of Housing and Water is looking to acquire 650 acres of land to further expand the Amelia’s Ward Housing Scheme in Linden, one of the largest housing schemes in Guyana.

This was related to residents of Amelia’s Ward, by Susan Rodrigues, Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water on Thursday, during a community meeting held at the Linden Foundation Secondary School.

According to Rodrigues, the 650 acres will consist of 4000 house lots and funding will be included in the 2021 National Budget for the project. This will alleviate the land crisis in Region 10.

Residents of Amelia’s Ward who attended the ministerial meeting on Thursday

This project is attached to the construction of 1000 homes in Region 10 announced earlier on Thursday, by President Irfaan Ali.

Minister Rodrigues also believes that the initiative will bring massive infrastructural development and wealth, not only to the Amelia’s Ward community, but to the entire town of Linden.

She noted that her Ministry is focusing on having Region 10 become self-sufficient, by appropriately designing the housing scheme to include the necessary infrastructure such as recreational parks, health centres, supermarkets, gas stations and schools, that will create employment.

“Wealth will be created because we will create local employment, to stimulate the local economy and that is how we are going to be able to move forward together,” she stated.

Rodrigues said that housing must be approached in a comprehensive manner, where roads, drainage, electrical network and water distribution are all done simultaneously so that when persons are allocated a lot, they can instantly occupy the area and have the necessities available to them.

“We can only do this through cooperation. So we have to have a comprehensive, collective effort among all of the agencies going forward so that the housing drive can be completed because we want to boost occupancy in our housing schemes as well. The allocation of house lots is intended for persons to occupy their lands, build a home and house their family so that children can grow up in communities with neighbours,” Rodrigues noted.

“Let us develop Linden. Let us ensure that we can realise all of the potential that this region has . Look around at the vast natural resources that is here in Linden; that is underutilized because it is not managed properly and it is not being shared equally. All we want is development and we do not want anybody to be left behind,” the Minister implored, right after assuring the people that the government is committed to carrying out the said initiative.

The community meeting was a part of President Irfaan Ali’s Presidential Outreach to Region 10. It was the first outreach carried out by the administration for 2021.

Members of the Cabinet also met with persons of other communities such as Kwakwani, Ituni, Hururu, Coomacka Mines, Blueberry Hill and Christianburg, among others.