June 12, 2024



MoL calls conciliation meeting with LHC nurses, GPSU

Following the announcement by the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU), that the nurses attached to the Linden Hospital Complex (LHC), will proceed on a strike action, in response to the decision made by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Mr. Malcolm Watkins, to reinstate embattled Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Rudolph Small, a mere 24 hrs. after he was removed, the Ministry of Labour, on Thursday, convened a conciliation meeting to discuss the GPSU’s position and to work out the Terms of Resumption.

Representatives from the various agencies present at the meeting convened by the MoL

The meeting saw in attendance PS Watkins; Administrative Manager (ag) of LHC, Ms. Michelle Bollers​​; First Vice President of GPSU, Ms. Dawn Gardener​​; Second Vice President,  Ms. Jenifer Melville Nelson; Patricia Went, ​​​Principal Industrial Relations Officer; Mr. Charles Ogle​​​, Chief Labour Officer; Mr. Bishram Kuppen, Permanent Secretary and Ms. Anansa Swain, ​​Legal Officer.

The parties were given an opportunity to consult with their management team and to schedule a meeting earliest Friday, March 05, 2021.

On Thursday, nurses continued to protest at the office of the CEO and blocked him from entering his office. This news entity was reliably informed that some nurses slept at his office, to ensure no one enters. The CEO again turned up to work and had to leave.

Nurses began to protest on Monday, following the leak of recording, in which Small was making derogatory remarks about their conduct. On Wednesday, the protest intensified when Small turned up to work after being reinstated to his position. He had to be escorted out of the compound as the angry nurses, who were supported by regional officials and GPSU members, chanted loudly, ‘Rudy must Go.’ They vowed to continue protesting until he is removed completely. The CEO issued a statement on Wednesday, further apologising to the nurses and asking them to forgive him.