March 5, 2024



Region 10 Division constructing home for single mother

The house that is being constructed by Region 10 Division

The Commander and ranks of the Region 10 Division of Police, have been taking a proactive approach to community engagement, by undertaking several community projects. Presently the Division, through collaboration with stakeholders in Linden, is constructing a concrete home for a single mother and her two children in Block 22. Commander of Region 10 Hugh Winter, said that during an outreach, the police discovered the deplorable and inhumane living conditions the woman and her two children were living under and decided to intervene. “It was a small structure, it wasn’t secured for the woman and the two children, they have no where to go and urinate, they have no where to go and ease their bowels and the mother indicated that whenever the children needed to use the washroom, is one of the bush corners, if she need to use it, she has to go somewhere at some sister living far… was very much painful to hear,” he said.

Stakeholders who also contributed to the project include Linden Mayor and Town Council and Praise Tabernacle AoG Church. Region 10 Division also intervened into getting the land which the house is being constructed on regularised by the Guyana Lands and Survey Commission


Region 10 Commander Hugh Winter

Winter posited that the police’s mandate is to serve and to protect and this goes beyond upholding law and order but by ensuring the social wellbeing of residents is prioritised. Other community initiatives include religious fellowship programme, which saw ranks participating in a recent church service; distribution of hampers and other items, community walk- about, youth mentorship programmes and much more.

 The Commander also assured residents that he has an open-door policy and can be reached at any time to discuss matters affecting them.