June 12, 2024



Umbrellas, chairs donated to traffic police diverting heavy-duty traffic on Washerpond road

Political activist Kevon Lorrimor presenting on of the two umbrellas and chairs to a traffic rank

On Monday two outdoor umbrellas, chairs and face masks, were donated to the Region 10 Division of Police, to be used by ranks who are tasked with diverting heavy duty traffic on the Washerpond road, to the alternative route (back road), in an effort to maintain compaction on the newly rehabilitated stretch.

The donation was made by political activist Kevon Lorrimor, who solicited Linden businesses to contribute to the initiative. Two businesses that donated were Elite Kayaking and Nature Tours and K&JJ Fast Food and Creole. Lorrimor said he was moved to provide the items for the officers, after realising they were facing both sun and rain for 12 hours. “We can’t have these young men in the hot sun and then the rain come down and they have to stand there, just to protect our roads because of the disorderly drivers that we have, because although there is a no lorry sign there, these trucks will still drive there and that is why they (police officers) have to go beyond their duties to look out for us,” he said, adding that he was a police officer and knows how it feels.

The lorries and other heavy duty vehicles are causing damage to the road and Lorrimor stressed that the road in its previous state, caused damages to many vehicles that traversed it daily. He commended the officers for going beyond the call of duty, to ensure the road remains safe from heavy traffic at this time.