June 21, 2024



Region 10 sees three percent increase in vaccination rate

-Following mandatory imposition

-Ordinary citizens still cannot access government services without vaccination card

Protestors at the Wismar/Mackenzie bridge

Regional Health Officer Dr. Gregory Harris, said that since the mandatory vaccination imposition was put into effect earlier this week, the region saw an increase of approximately three percent in the vaccination rate. Up to Thursday, August 10th, the vaccination rate in Region 10 was 19.3 percent.

The ‘no vaccine, no entry’ policy has been enforced at all government agencies in the region, including the Regional Democratic Council and the Guyana Revenue Authority. Unvaccinated citizens cannot conduct business at the National Insurance Scheme from Monday, August 16th.

Wednesday evening, the Ministry of Health issued a statement which stipulated that healthcare workers, public transportation operators and conductors will be given two weeks to comply with the mandatory vaccination order. Residents of Linden however, particularly protestors, were of the view that all citizens were given the two weeks extension and approached several government buildings on Thursday to transact business but were sent away. “That is the understanding I get at the bridge last night, that everything open up back and today I hearing a different thing,” one resident told INFO 10, when seeking clarity on the matter.

Wednesday evening, close to midnight, protestors decided to open the Mackenzie/Wismar bridge to traffic, after they were addressed by Pastor Nigel London and Member of Parliament Jermaine Figueira. Figueira urged the residents to open the bridge following the announcement, which would pave the way for further consultation on the issue. The duo also ensured that healthcare workers who turned up for the 21:00 hrs shift at the Linden Hospital Complex, were allowed in.

Protestors however vowed to return to the bridge, if consultation is not done and the mandatory vaccination imposition is not completely reversed in two weeks.