April 15, 2024



Relatives of missing Linden teen form search party

Missing : Shondell Cobena

It has been three days since 14-year-old Shondell Cobena is missing and her relatives are growing extremely worried that despite numerous public post and news articles on the situation, she has not made contact. Her father, Jermaine Cobena told INFO 10 on Saturday, that the family has started searching for her since she has not made contact with anyone about her whereabouts. He said that a missing person report was made and is hopeful that the police will also aggressively pursue the matter.

The teen never returned home on Thursday morning, after she was sent to the shop. Her father said to his knowledge, she had no issues or showed no signs that she was unhappy and wanted to be away from the home. “She didn’t had no problem or nothing, she just left and didn’t come home. “I’m not aware of any problem with anyone or anything like that,” the distraught father said.

This media house understands that checks were made at places where they thought she might be, but all were unsuccessful; she also did not contact any of her friends about her where she might be.

Anyone with information about the teen, can call 6521552 or contact the nearest police station.