April 19, 2024



Canadian-based Lindener constructing group home for abused girls

Ms Herminee Glen-Haywood

The mining town of Linden will soon benefit from its first ever group home, which will accommodate sexually abused girls below the age of 18. The brain child of the project is Ms. Herminee Glen-Haywood, a woman who was born and raised in Linden, but migrated to Canada since 1990. With the upsurge in sexual abuse cases in Region 10, Haywood said she thought it necessary to create a safe haven for girls, seeking refuge in the event of them being abused. She said she was also motivated to take on the project, after realising that Linden does not have any facility, specifically targeting abused girls. The project, which started in 2018, is funded by Glen-Haywood, with support from corporate Linden and other businesses. The building, which is currently under construction, is located in Wismar, Linden. “Businesses in Linden have been my back bone, they have been supporting me from the jump,” she told INFO 10, while listing some of the businesses that came on board such as Bernard’s Variety Store, Jermine and Son’s, Mc Rae’s General Store, Snooks Variety, amongst others.

 Glen-Haywood has already taken steps to register the organization as a non-governmental organization, under the name Herminee’s Organization and Protective Environment and has engaged several local agencies, both governmental and non-governmental, to partner with the group home, to ensure the effective management and operation of the facility. These include the Ministry of Social Protection, Child Link and Children’s Aid. “The idea is that if they are not able to return to their home, they will be there until 18, we will have programmes, the aim is to bring back their self-esteem, to help them to get back to reality,” she said.

The home is expected to accommodate maximum 24 children, with two girls being accommodated in one room. All meals, toiletries and personal items, will be provided to the victims. The building is also expected to get an office for social workers and a psychiatrist and an area where the occupants will be able to learn life skills, so that they will leave empowered at the age of 18. Relative to the victims’ protection, Glen-Haywood said that a recognised security firm will be hired.

Anyone desirous of donating to this charitable cause, can make monetary donations to h.o.p.e.organization@gmail.com or by Facebook: Herminee Glen-Haywood.