May 26, 2024



New Regional Vice Chairman to be elected soon

The late Regional Vice Chairman Douglas Gittens (left) and Regional Chairman Deron Adams

A new Regional Vice Chairman for Region 10, is likely to be elected at the Regional Democratic Council’s November statutory meeting, Regional Chairman Deron Adams, told INFO 10 in an interview on Monday. Adams said that about five names have been shortlisted from the elected councillors and have been sent for the policy makers of the party to chose from those shortlisted. “I was asked to make a recommendation and we sent it and we are awaiting a response….I am hopeful that it can be done by the next Statutory.

It has been almost six months since former Vice Chairman, Douglas Gittens, passed away from COVID-19. “We will likely have to go ahead with a pick of the vice chairman, without a replacement of the councillor,” Adams said, given the current situation at GECOM. Adams said a list of the names for a new councillor was already submitted to GECOM. It is likely that the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) will continue to hold the majority on the council and a new pick will come from councillors representing that party.

Gittens died on June 14th, 2021 at the Upper Demerara COVID-19 Unit, a mere three days after he was tested positive and hospitalised. Adams said while councillors have been shortlisted, it will be a difficult task to replace Gittens, since he provided selfless and dedicated service to the people.