February 21, 2024



Community Agriculture Project to be initiated in Linden

By Abiola Archer

Regional Chairman Deron Adams, interacting with an agro-processor at the monthly farmers’ market day

The Regional Democratic Council, is working on starting up community farms and community market days, to further push the  “Grow Local, Buy Local, Consume Local” initiative as well as to strengthen the agriculture sector in Region 10, in an effort to make it self-sustainable. Presently, the Region 10 Agricultural Committee, in collaboration with the Regional Agricultural Department, hosts a monthly ‘Famers’ Market Day’ but is now mulling to extend the initiative to the various communities across the region. From the initiative, each community will have its own community market day, community local shops and a community farm.  

The “Grow Local, Buy Local, Consume Local” initiative, aims to provide a platform for farmers, agro-processors, craftsmen and other local manufacturers, to benefit from a steady market. It also aims for them to network so as to keep the supply chain within the region, such as acquiring their raw material from persons within the region.

Regional Chairman Deron Adams, said most of our foods are imported into the region, hence his mission is to decrease the region’s demand for food. He strongly believes that agriculture has the greatest potential than other sectors, as it relates to creating employment, giving a boost to the economy and also sustaining food security around the world.

 He revealed that Information Communication Technology (ICT) and other modern digital technology, will be incorporated into the initiative. Adams said, he and his team will continue to engage stakeholders and do networking and implement economic strategies along with giving private support to the farmers of Region Ten.

The RDC is trying to secure resources, such as land, finances and man power, so that this project can reach fruition.