March 5, 2024



Silvertown Multipurpose Centre gets facelift from community youths

Members of the Silvertown Allstar Club

Youths who are members of the Silvertown Allstar Club pooled their resources together to give the community’s Multipurpose Centre the needed infrastructural improvement which will enable them to continue practicing their skills. The initiative was spearheaded by the Club’s coordinator Patrick Ceasar. Over 50 youths contributed to the recapping of the basketball court and cleaning of its environs. The football field was also cleaned and repairs were done to some sections. The facility is being used daily to provide training for scores of youths in a variety of sporting disciplines. The aim of the initiative is to keep the youths positively engaged.

They are trained in both indoor and outdoor sports such as football, basketball, table tennis and chess. The movement he said, started over 30 years ago and with the rise in juvenile delinquency in the communities, there was a need to restart the programme, however, for its continuation, the club is seeking the public’s support. With opportunities now available for the youths to participate in competitions, they are seeking the public’s assistance to construct the backboards of the basketball court to make it safer as well as to provide two goalpost for the football field.

Silvertown youths participating in the clean up activity

“Silvertown is infested with a lot of drugs and we are moving them away but we need help, right now we need help with repairing and furnishing the facility top and bottom, we need help with gears and persons with the skillset to come on board and provide training for the youths, Caesar told INFO 10.

The Club is looking to expand its programmes to incorporate curricular activities such as phonics, numeracy and literacy lessons. “We need all the help to keep the programme going, we are asking anyone to come on board to do something positive for the kids,” Caesar said. He expressed appreciation to Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooporation, Hugh Todd; regional officials such as Regional Executive Officer, Dwight John; Regional Health Officer, Gregory Harris and others who recently contributed to a feeding programme the club participated in.