February 21, 2024



Linden father seeking assistance for son with heart condition

Dilon Edwards

A Linden father is seeking the public’s assistance as he and his family are trying to secure $11,000.00 USD ($2,200,000 GYD) to perform a surgery overseas on his nine-year-old son, who has an enlarged heart and a swollen lung. His heart also has a hole in it, which has resulted in multiple other medical conditions.

The distraught father, Albert Goudmijn, of 46 Silvercity Wismar Housing Scheme, said his son, Dilon Edwards, is suffering from the serious cardiovascular condition which has resulted in him dropping out of school. “My son was born with an enlarged heart and a swollen lung, his heart has a hole in it and it is getting bigger every day,” he told INFO 10. His physical movement has been affected since he suffers from shortness of breath. “He cannot walk for long periods, he has to walk around with an oxygen tank,” the father who was trying to hold back his tears said.

Goudmijn said his son needs to undergo surgery by the end of March and this needs to be done overseas. “If we don’t get it done, the doctor said we will lose him if we do not get through, right now I am very stressed out because I have five other children to look after, it is really hard for me as a father,” he said. Goudmijn is calling on the Ministry of Health, NGOs, citizens and corporate Guyana to support him during this trying time by making monetary donations. Anyone interested can contact him on 6659614.