February 21, 2024



Public Service Credit Union mulls establishment of office in Linden

  • Members can access loans for Linden Town Week
Staff of the Guyana Public Service Co-operative Credit Union Limited engages members during the Wednesday outreach

The Guyana Public Service Co-operative Credit Union Limited, is seeking to decentralize its services to better meet the needs of members located out of central districts. During a three-day outreach hosted in Linden, which ended on Friday, Public Relations Officer, Paul Clarke said the organization is looking to add value to Linden and has embarked on a membership drive in the region, and the response over the three days has been positive. “Linden is near and dear to us, we want to have an office in Linden and we have persons looking at the feasibility study, we are looking to have a permanent presence in the region,” Clarke said and added that Lindeners will gain employment which will further add value to the town’s economy.

With the upcoming Linden Town Week, he said the organization is open to issuing loans for members to get funding to participate in the festivities. “We understand that there is the Linden Town Week that starts sometime soon so we are not adverse to residents procuring loans in that regard,” he said. He said members have shown interest in the recently launched car and mortgage loans which do not attract down payment. These he said, aim to empower public servants and testimonials of those who benefited are a reflection of the process being a smooth one. The loans he said also attract low interest rates. The requirement is that a member must successfully repay a first loan. A member can be eligible for their first loan after six months of joining. “There is no determinant as to how much loan you can access as your first loan, you can take up to $300,000 and once that loan has been repaid in full, you can access the car or mortgage loan, so if you have a plan and want to achieve something within a year, it is not impossible for you to do so,” Clarke said.

He is encouraging public servants who have not yet joined the credit union to take full advantage of the many opportunities it has in store.