May 23, 2024




24 roads to be rehabilitated in Region 10

One of the roads in Linden

The Ministry of Public Works has advertised for contractors to bid for major rehabilitative works to be conducted on 24 roads in Linden and Kwakwani. The project which is under Miscellaneous Roads (Region 10), will be undertaken to the tune of $1.1 billion. The roads include Block 22 Main Access Road; Bonus Street, Amelia’s Ward; Moblissa Main Road; Canvas City Back Road; City Gates Street, Amelia’s Ward; Pompey Street, Christianburg; Rasville Road; Fourth Corner, Lover’s Lane and Amelia’s Ward; Water Lily Road, Wismar; First Cross Street, Silvertown; Second Alley, Wismar; Buck Hill Side Road, Wismar; Wismar Hill Access Road, Wismar; Water Treatment Plant Road, Wisroc; Old Kara Kara Access Road; School Circle Road, Kara Kara; Matthew Lane’ Christianburg; Self Help Road, Amelia’s Ward; Idustrial Area access road; Toucan Drive, Spieghtland, Main Road and Internal Road, Kwakwani

The Minister recently announced that about $800 million will be spent in Linden and about $300 million in the community of Kwakwani.

“You would have seen already advertised is almost 20 something roads that will be done in the Linden township costing almost $800 million. Most of those bids are being opened on June 9,” the Minister revealed.

“We are going to be spending about $300 million, and we will be putting in all-weather roads in Kwakwani. Not just grading and putting laterite, we will be putting in asphaltic concrete, and rigid pavement roads in Kwakwani in the year 2022,” he stated.

It was also pointed out that the roads in Landersville and Hururu will be rehabilitated while the roads to Muritaro and Malali will also be upgraded. Those are roads which were under water during the countrywide flood last year.