June 12, 2024



Linden woman crocheting her way to entrepreneurial success

Joanna Webb, CEO of JoJo’s Craft and some of her creations

By Abiola Archer

Crocheting, may seem to be a skill that is losing relevance in our society. There is hardly a place now for knitted ‘chair backs’ and ‘center pieces’ in home décor. Linden woman Joanna Webb however, has taken this ‘dying’ skill and embedded it into the fashion industry. This move has enabled her to cater to a niche market as well as to earn from what she described as her hobby.  

The27-years-old entrepreneur of Amelia’s Ward,  Linden, loves crocheting and she plans to teach others the skill. “An art that is handmade, fun, relaxing and fairly inexpensive. Crocheting is very relaxing and the thought of the completion of an item gives me motivation. I enjoy being creative,” she said.

Webb revealed that she learnt the art of crocheting six years ago from a woman she randomly saw working on a piece. She was curious and asked her to teach her the skill but nowhere in her mind, did she think of using her new found skill to earn.  “During this period of my life, I met a phenomenal woman by the name of Mrs. Honoura  Parris, who I vividly noticed by a glance mastering the art of crocheting. I became intrigued and fascinated by this art so I approached her and asked her to teach me. That was the beginning of an exciting pass-time for me,” Webb said.

Bottle holders done by Jojo’s Craft

In the process of learning, she said, “remembering patterns and stitches was a bit difficult at first”. Seven years after, Webb is the owner of ‘Jojo’s Craft’. She launched her business years after continuously practicing to perfect the art. Now she can meet a wide variety of needs for customers.

Thus far, she has made products such as bottle holders, pants, crop tops, bikini tops, blouses and bags. She plans to make a wider collection in the future to meet her demand. Her prices vary based on your measurements and amount of materials she needs to use.

Webb said she appreciates the fact that Mrs. Parris taught her such a skill that became a hobby; she enjoys making various items for people who are desirous of her service. “Thank you for teaching me a life long skill that I can now earn and also pass on to the younger generation”.

Webb encourages other youths who possess creative skills to practice often and to capitalize on opportunities to capture a niche market by thinking out of the box. This will decrease the unemployment statistic tremendously.

For exquisite, unique and affordable crochet item, you can contact Ms. Webb via WhatsApp or phone on 592 6700175.