March 5, 2024



Region 10 Police Division taking proactive approach to crime fighting

  • with formation of youth groups, community engagement projects and school visits
Ranks from the Region 10 Division participating in community based activities

The Region 10 Division of Police has recorded a 4.2 percent decrease in serious crimes compared to statistics from 2021. In fact, for close to two months, the division has not recorded any serious crimes. There has also been a reduction in sexual offences. Recently promoted Commander, Senior Superintendent Hugh Winter, is giving credit to the proactive approach the division is taking to tackle crime, particularly among youths. The division’s administration has been proactive in its social approaches to crime fighting. Over the last few weeks, three youth groups were formed and two more are in the process of being formed. In Ituni, 47 youths have joined, 46 in Kwakwani and 36 in Coomacka. The communities of Amelia’s Ward and Wisroc will also see the formation of youth groups.

Superintendent Winter in a recent ‘Police and You’ interview, said he along with the help of his ranks, is trying to keep the crime statistics in the minus. This can only be done through community engagement and collaboration with stakeholders.

“Last week we were at 3 different secondary schools in the region, we’re advocating to the students about drugs and different offences, we [brought] a person from the sexual unit of division to tell the students about the sexual activities that’s happening in the region and if they are faced with it what to do.”
“We had persons [talk] about the fights in schools, the bullies in school spoke at length to the students along with the teachers,” he said.

Scores of youths have also joined the Force’s Zara Computer Centre; 92 have already graduated. “We are not doing this alone, we have the stakeholders on board, we have the Cops and Faith, the private sector and the business community, so we have a lot of stakeholders behind us, so whatever we are doing, we are doing in a positive way.”

The commander is also encouraging parents to play their role in the entire cycle of crime fighting. “I would ask the parents to sit and speak with the children, partner with us as parents. We are not bad people, we are Police and we are here to serve and protect, policemen and women are looking out for the children or adults or each and everyone in the community…we are also here to give advice, bring the children along that we could talk,” he said.

To tackle the older demographic, the division has been engaging the wider public through community enhancement and other social projects. Recently, ranks executed a clean up project on both the Mackenzie and Wismar shores.

In addition, ranks have been encouraged to pursue courses to improve in their crime fighting techniques. Many of these successfully completed courses at the American University of Peace Studies. At the most recent announcement of police promotions, 21 ranks from Region 10 were promoted.