March 5, 2024



21-year-old Linden man dies in hit and run accident

Linden police ranks are investigating a hit and run fatal accident which occurred on Sunday morning around 02:05 hrs, on Amelia’s Ward Public Road, Linden.

The accident involved motorcar #PGG 764 (owner and driver’s name and address unknown) and motorcycle #CK 7806 driven at the time by 18-year-old Julian Graham of Lot 16-32 Central Amelia’s Ward, Linden with pillion rider Dale Nelson, of Lot 16-11 Central Amelia’s Ward Linden who was not wearing a safety helmet.

Enquires disclosed that the motorcar and motorcycle were proceeding in the same direction (east) with the motorcar at the rear, when the right side front portion of motorcar collided with the left rear portion of motorcycle.

As a result of the impact, the motorcyclist and the pillion rider fell onto the road surface where they received injuries about their bodies.
The pillion rider was picked up in an unconscious condition while the motorcyclist was picked up in a conscious condition. They were both taken by public spirited persons to the Linden Hospital where the pillion rider died while received medical attention.

The motorcyclist was admitted for observation and his condition is stable.

Motorcar #PGG 764 was later found at Touchan Drive Access Road in Amelia’s Ward, Linden.

Both vehicles were lodged to be examined by a Licensing and Certifying officer. Measurement and statements not yet taken.

Investigation in progress.