June 21, 2024



Grief pushed Indulgence’s baker to find her calling

Founder of Indulgence Annalisa Reynolds and two of her unique cakes

By Vanessa Braithwaite-Moore

It was when her brother died in 2017 that Annalisa Reynolds, founder of Indulgence, one of Linden’s best cake businesses, dived into cake decorating as a coping mechanism and soon realised that this niche is her calling. Two years later, after much research, training and support from family and friends whom she used for testing, Indulgence was birthed. Today she serves scores of clients monthly, many of whom she said were there since her experimenting phase.

Reaching to this level did not happen overnight but with many hours of seeking knowledge. “I spent hours doing research about different methods and techniques for the humidity we experience in Guyana. In 2019 I did a course at Carnegie School of Home Economics specialising in cakes and pastries. I’m also a proud graduate of the university of YouTube,” she explained.

Any millennial would agree that once you put your mind to it, You Tube can be one of the best teachers for any area of business. “I’ve been in business for the past four years and it’s been nothing short of amazing, I have some clients who grew with me from since I was experimenting. They are my biggest critics and cheerleaders… I would do research on a new flavour and have them sample.” This knowledge, coupled with her obsession for quality has ranked her one of the best in Linden, in addition to being well travelled. “I think my taste is unique because I’m well-traveled, I have eaten cakes and pastries from some of the best throughout Europe and that’s what I want to share with my clients. Reynolds do not limit herself to simple cliché designs but takes hers over the notch with jaw dropping, realistic cakes, modeling a wide variety of designs and themes.

Another spectacular cake designs from Indulgence

Her designs would cause clients, even children to not want to cut into the cake to spoil the perfect imitation of their favourite character, brand or hobby but when that cut is finally made, there is no regret because the taste is always superb and loyal clients would testify that the taste and texture do not falter. “My clients are the absolute best and no matter how many times I’ve done work for them they would still message to say how pleased they are with their order,” she related.

To maintain this quality her secret is to not overbook. “For me it’s quality over quantity any day, I’d prefer to take only a certain amount of clients per week so as to ensure I maintain the quality that has been synonymous with the name Indulgence, rather than overbooking and give substandard work.”

As with any business territory, there are challenges and for Reynolds, it is sourcing raw materials effectively. In Guyana, many materials and tools are not readily available, which would force her to import them as well as do extensive research on alternatives to suit the tropical climate. Her plans for the next five years are expansion of services and availability of products. “In five years (or less), Indulgence is going to be a household name. We’ll have a bakery you can come in and buy all the amazing cakes and pastries we have to offer daily,” she projected. She also plans on sharing her knowledge with aspiring cake bakers in the near future.