April 15, 2024



Linden-born author launches sixth book titled: Guyana in Colour

Linden-born author and renowned poet Leon Labastide has released his sixth book, but this one is with a twist. The book is titled Guyana in Colour and is his first children’s book. The book is a history colouring book for children at the nursery and primary level. Labastide said the book also caters to adults who have been away from the country for such a long time and need a reminder of what the country is all about as well as targets senior citizens, who are currently living in Guyana and abroad, giving them a sense of culture and a past time. “This is the first time someone has incorporated colouring with a little bit of history for children to learn about the history while engaging in a fun activity,” he related.

Each page within the book has a brief history underneath the photo that the individual will be colouring. These images are Guyana’s landmarks, monuments, wildlife, and famous individuals who have left their footprint on our history. “This is the first time someone has created a book of this caliber it takes teaching to another level where by young individuals can have fun while learning. I think that’s the primary goal when teaching, is to remind students that learning is fun and not burdensome for children,” he further emphasised.

Since its release, the book has been ranked number one on amazon.com in the category of travel books, and Guyana history books. “My purpose for creating such a book is to educate our future generation and current generation.

Currently Lasbastide is seeking to have the book recognised and sponsored by government and non-governmental organizations such as the Ministry of Education. He is seeking to have the book be available in schools so that all Guyanese children to have a copy of it. In this way, pupils can learn about the country’s heritage while having fun doing so as well as interacting with the lesson. “In the near future, I am looking to compile volume two of this book, going into different regions and bringing out its culture and history within a colouring book,” he related. The book can be found in amazon for purchase as well as physical copies can be bought in Guyana.