April 15, 2024



Police patrol heightened following reports of burglary, armed robbery in Amelia’s Ward

A street in Amelia’s Ward

There is heightened police patrol in Amelia’s Ward, Linden, following recent reports of burglaries and armed robbery on residential properties. Some areas that have been targeted include Lover’s Lane, and Central Amelia’s Ward.  Over the last two weeks, police have responded to reports of gunmen breaking into homes and carting off with cash and other valuables. One woman residing in Lover’s Lane, Amelia’s Ward, is still traumatized after being awaken by a man armed with a gun and demanding more valuables and cash. Two other homes in the same area were broken into that same week.

Region 10 Commander Hugh Winter, related to INFO 10 that the reports are being taken seriously and patrols are being done on a 24-hour basis on both Mackenzie and Wismar. There is also an increase in raids in an attempt to arrest the perpetrators. “We have names and faces and we are acting on that,” Winter said.

While there will be heighten patrols in these communities, especially at nights, the police are also urging residents to be vigilant and to secure their homes properly. “Persons have flat houses and sometimes they would leave a window open and they take advantage of that.”

Residents are however asking for street lights to be placed in ‘back streets’  in Amelia’s Ward, where there is low visibility and burglars are taking advantage of this to commit their crimes.