May 26, 2024



It could have been anyone of us

…….colleagues of Neptrid Hercules emotional about tragedy

……calls for better safety measures in the mines

By Abiola Archer

Neptrid Hercules

Moments ago, the body of BOSAI worker, Neptrid Hercules who was missing since Saturday, has been located along with the machine he was operating at the East Montgomery Mines. His colleagues who worked with him throughout his decades at the various bauxite companies, are very emotional about his passing and made every effort throughout the four days to ensure he was found to give his family closure.

When news broke about the tragedy, workers broke into tears, not only that they have lost a good friend and loyal colleague, but that any of them could have been a victim of the industrial accident. Workers had to prepare themselves mentally and emotionally to search the very place they work every day, for a colleague that did the exact same task as they do.

INFO 10 understands that Hercules was operating the machine alone and no one witnessed what transpired. Two trucks were transporting overburden for him to compact. When one truck left and the other arrive to dump the overburden, the machine, neither Hercules was on site. An alarm was immediately made.

recovery efforts for Neptrid Hercules

One worker who was on the same shift could not hold back his tears. He said, “I could have been the one down there, or it could have been the entire team, the mechanic, the truck driver everybody,” he said. While they are sad that he was not found alive, they are happy they are able to give the family closure.