June 21, 2024




On Saturday evening Chief Executive Officer of the Linden Enterprise Network Tannizia Gasper, launched her first solo book titled “Renew your mind for success” at the Major’s Event Hall in Linden, Central Amelia’s Ward. The brunch-styled launching ceremony aimed to impart knowledge on the audience, many of whom were current and potential entrepreneurs, on healthy business habits.  The book is geared towards educating entrepreneurs on how to transform their businesses into successful establishments. It offers tips, tools and strategies to help renew the mind by confronting their beliefs and to help break their limitations, so as to be able to grow and expand financially, through consistency.

The book was published online in December,2023 and persons were now able to secure their physical copy. The panelist included the Honorable Jane Miller, British High Commissioner; Amar Chetram, Senior Vice President and Director of CB Group; Business Coach and Director of ActionINVEST, Keon Smith and Tannizia Gasper, CEO of LEN and Author. They shared various business tips and answered many intriguing questions pitched by members of the audience.

 Honorable Jane Miller gave a quote to encourage the entrepreneurs to be confident and to be willing to push through despite challenges. “Happy are those who dream a dream and is willing to pay the price to make them come through”. She also gave tips such as keep your eyes on the numbers, when things are going wrong, finish with it and do something else and fail early so you can learn from your mistakes. Coach Keon noted that being an entrepreneur is not for the weak and focus should be given to character and consistency. Businessman Amar Chetram added, revitalize your thoughts, think positive, be innovative and to invest instead of saving. The cost for the book is $5000.00 and is available at LEN building.  It is also sold on Amazon for $25.00 USD for the hard copy and $3.00 USD for the EBook version. It can also be presently found on her website, tanniziagasper.com.