February 21, 2024



Ituni’s Howell Wilson Primary continues to shine

Secures top spots for Region 10, SUB-DIVISION #2 at NGSA

Jennifer De Nobrega
Tashaun Moriah

Students and teachers of the  Howell Wilson Primary School, located in the Upper Demerara District of Region 10, have once again proven that success does not entirely depend on the school you attend, but on the work the teachers and students are willing to put in. The Grade Six class of 2020, has made the little community, which has its genesis in bauxite mining proud, by copping the top seven spots in Subdivision #2 top-10 list. Such an achievement is just a repeat of what occurred in previous years, since the school has remained academically dominant amongst Region 10’s hinterland schools,  under the stewardship of NGSA teacher  who also serves as the Head Teacher, Miss Miss Yvonne Nazeir.

Yvonne Nazeir
NGSA teacher of Ituni Primary

 Nazier, in an interview with INFO 10, explained that that the current pandemic did not deter her from pushing the children to attain their very best. Her top student, Madanna Alstine secured 498 marks and gained a spot at President’s College.

She explained that early preparation is the key.

“Even though we were plagued with a pandemic, we would have already begun prepping our students and parents at Grade Four, to gear their minds for NGSA. We would normally have two hours of revision in the evening and while that was difficult for us to achieve this year, I used the Ministry’s textbooks and past papers to help the students”, Miss Nazeir remarked.

Her encouragement to other teachers particularly in the Sub-Division is to begin preparing students from Grade Four for the examination.  “Questions that were there before, we would return to them in a restructured form and the children would be able to relate,” she said.

Howell Wilson Primary has been excelling despite access to reliable internet and an industrial printer at the school has been a challenge. “We would usually have to go to Linden to get materials printed for the students”, Miss Nazeir related as she sought the relevant authorities’ attention on the matter.

Top student Madanna Alstine said she was overwhelmed with her achievement. She thanked her parents, siblings and teacher Miss Yvonne Nazeir, for being her inspiration.

Madanna Alstine
Top student Ituni Primary

Meanwhile the Kwakwani Primary School  secured two spots in the  SUB-DIVISION #2, District. Tashaun Moriah, secured 478 marks and was awarded a place at Mackenzie High, while Jennifer De Nobrega, secured 466 and was also awarded a placed at Mackenzie High.

In an interview with INFO 10, Moriah said he was nervous sitting the exams during a global pandemic, however, he felt excited upon receiving his results and would like to extend gratitude to his teachers and parents.

Devion Grenville, the proud father of Moriah, said he has been preparing Moriah since Grade Four for his NGSA and has constructed his own homeschooling curriculum which he used to teach  Moriah during the pandemic period.