February 21, 2024



Tafari Jacobis to undergo live-saving surgery on the 12th December in Cuba

-Family secured over $3 M in donation

The family of 2 year-old Tafari Jacobis has secured over three million dollars in donations which will fund a live-saving heart surgery in Cuba, on the 12th December 2020. Close to $1.5 M is still to be raised, since the overall expense for the surgery is $5 M. With the assistance from Regional Chairman Deron Adams, the Regional Democratic Council and other local and overseas donors, the family was able to secure the money.

His mother, Lotoya Jacobis, had made a compassionate plea to the public, over several media platforms for financial assistance, so that her son’s life would be saved. Little Tafari has a hole in his heart, along with other complications. “When he was 7-months-old, I started to observe that he used to be crying, steady crying; and not just the crying alone, when he cry his skin used to be wet…his eyes does be rolling and like loss of consciousness. I used to get scared when I see the thing happening to he,” the mother related to Journalist Utamu Belle.

Upon seeking medical assistance, the mother was initially told that nothing was wrong with him, but he was subsequently diagnosed with various heart conditions. “He (the Doctor), explained that it is four problems that going on in the child’s heart…he said there’s a blockage to one of the main artery…the hole…that is the main reason that cause him not to get enough oxygen in his body…if he wants to move from point A to point B, he got to depend on us.”

The mother is extremely grateful for all of the assistance that her family has received from members of the public. Since the family is still to reach the $5 M target, persons desirous of making further donations can do so via a Citizen’s Bank Account # 218939594 or can contact the mother on 662-3317