April 19, 2024



1000 homes to be constructed in Region 10

Lands being developed in Amelia’s Ward Linden

President Irfaan Ali, on Monday, announced that his administration will be constructing 1000 homes in Region 10, in collaboration with the Private Sector. Dr. Ali said that the Government is currently in discussions with financial institutions and the private sector, to have the housing project commence as soon as possible. Not only will the project alleviate the housing crises in the region, but it will also create jobs for residents of Region 10, since all materials and human resource will be sourced locally. If the region does not hold the capacity for same, Dr. Ali said that training will be done to boost local capacity.

“We need the materials for the construction of these houses to come from this region. The lumber, the sawmill, block makers and carpenters will all be engaged, if you don’t have the skills, we will bring in people to train you so that employment is created for the residents here” President Ali said.

Earlier in the day, the President said that the great demand for housing and land allocation in the region, is as a result of a sloth in the process over the last few years. He assured residents that efforts will be made to create opportunities in this very important sector; not only to bring access to residential lands, but commercial and agricultural lands as well. “I want to assure you that we are going to push the resources, put back the vibrancy and energy into housing and create opportunities in the housing sector.” This he said will not only be done for residential land, but commercial and agricultural land.

Minister of Housing and Water Colin Croal, addressing land issues in Region 10

He was responding to concerns raised by Regional Chairman Deron Adams who related that land tenure issues in the region, need to be urgently addressed. When addressed, it will combat the issue of squatting and commercial land allocation in the region.

President Ali was at the time addressing women at the Government outreach.