May 26, 2024



Minister of Public Works to meet with Linden drivers and regional officials over fare hike

  • Drivers unanimously decided to drop fare to $150.00

Mayor of Linden Waneka Arrindell, said a meeting will be held on Thursday, with drivers plying the Linden/Georgetown, Amelia’s Ward and Wismar/Mackenzie routes and the Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill. This meeting is to discuss the recent uproar by the drivers after regional officials mandated them to return the fare to the original $100.00, while carrying full capacity, as is stipulated in the gazetted order.

Last Wednesday, passengers were left stranded after drivers decided to strike against the call to return the fare to the original amount. They were adamant that until the spread of the virus is completely controlled, they will not carry full capacity. Subsequently, the drivers decided to drop the fare to $150.00.

 Mayor of Linden Waneka Arrindell on Tuesday, called on commuters to pay $100.00 when the drivers are transporting four passengers.

Regional Officials, including Regional Chairman Deron Adams, had chided the drivers for exploiting passengers and illegally increasing the fare by 100 per cent. Hundreds of passengers, especially public servants, have made public outcry about the exorbitant fare and the challenge for them to afford it during a pandemic.