May 23, 2024



First ultrasound machine presented to Kwakwani Hospital

Dr. Gregory Harris handing over Ultrasound machine to the staff of the Kwakwani Hospital

On Wednesday, Region 10 Regional Health Officer (RHO), Dr. Gregory Harris, presented an ultrasound machine to the Kwakwani Hospital, that was last Thursday handed over to the Region 10 Health Department by President Irfaan Ali, last Thursday. This is the first ultrasound machine to be presented to the Sub-Region 2 and will significantly increase public health service for residents in  district.  

Dr. Harris said, “I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the government on delivering as promised. This has been a service that was lacking for years; antenatal mothers will benefit vastly. We will now see a vast decrease in the referral rate to access this service in Linden.”  Antenatal mothers, for many years, have been disenfranchised from accessing this needed service and have vented their heartfelt gratitude to the government. “This is real good, a lot of poor people cannot afford to travel, I’m very happy about this, ” Alana Ross told INFO 10, in an invited comment.

Another antenatal mother, Hollyann Reece said, ” it’s a great donation by the government, we would no longer need to travel to Linden since most of the times we do not get through.”

Mrs. Camile Flatts, a Registered Midwife at the Kwakwani Health Centre said, “I am joyous, it’s the first in my 25 years. Every mother is subjected to do an ultrasound; hence, many antenatal mothers fail to do so due to their financial circumstances and the burdening effects of travelling to Linden to access this service; only to be told to return at a later date.”

During the presentation to the region, President Ali said he aims to put systems in place to make healthcare services more accessible to all Guyanese. The President had instructed  Dr Vishwa Mahadeo, Director General of the Ministry of Health, to put systems to improve health care delivery in the hinterland region.  

“Following [President Ali’s] instructions and interest in ensuring that there is equitable and equal healthcare across the country, systems are being put in place to ensure that every pregnant mother will get an ultrasound, will be seen by a doctor, will have dental screening, will have an HIV test, will have all the blood work that is necessary,” Dr Mahadeo explained.

    Dr. Harris also revealed that Wiruni will also be equipped with an ultrasound machine shortly after the national budget.

On Thursday, Dr. Harris presented a 40hp boat engine to the  Calcuni Health Centre and a 15hp engine to the Hururu Health Centre.