March 5, 2024



Six in custody following community raids

Six persons are in custody following several raids that occurred in the communities of Victory Valley. Silvertown, One Mile, Blue Berry Hill, Block 22, Green Valley, Retrieve, and Dagarrad Avenue, on Tuesday morning between 03:00hrs and 04:00hrs. The police discovered 440 grams of Cannabis Sativa and 2.5 grams of Methylenedioxymethamphetamine commonly known as “Molly”. Those arrested include an 18-year-old laborer of Victory Valley for Attempt to Commit a Felony, a 32-year-old laborer of Victory Valley for Attempting to Commit a Felony, a 23-year-old Labourer of Victory Valley, Wismar for Attempt to commit a Felony, a 33-year-old unemployed male of Republic Avenue, Mc Kenzie Linden for Break and Enter and Larceny. A 40-year-old male of Oronoque Drive, Retrieve Linden and a 34-year-old female Karen Cooke of Oronoque Drive, Retrieve Linde, for Possession of Narcotics for the Purpose of Trafficking. He had in his possession 440 grams of suspected cannabis and 2.5grams of whitish rocklike substances suspected to be the illicit drug Methylenedioxymethamphetamine commonly known as “Molly” in 19 transparent ziploc plastic bags.

The illegal substance that was unearthed during the raid

Commander of Region 10 Hugh Winter, said that the Division has been been ramping up patrols and raids in communities, based on intelligence received. He said there will continue to be 24 hr. patrols in these communities, in an effort to reduce drug trafficking and other categories of crimes in the Division.