April 19, 2024



Wiruni businessman accused of being police informant, receiving death threats

Businessman- Roy Lambert

A 34-year-old businessman of the Upper-Berbice River community of Wiruni, is now fearing for his life and that of his family, following death threats they are receiving from persons accusing him of informing the police on the location of marijuana farms, which resulted in a recent raid.  

A few weeks ago, the Joint Services conducted a series of raids in the community which resulted in several marijuana farms being burnt and homes being searched for illegal articles.

The businessman, Roy Lambert, recently voiced his fear to Minister of Public Works, Juan Edghill and Minister of Local Government and Regional, Nigel Dharmalall, at a recent outreach in the village.

“Since the Joint Service came in to now, everybody is accusing me of reporting the marijuana people them. But I am here making it clear that I never reported anybody and they keep threatening me. Wednesday gone, three guys run up my step to kill me and my family; they even told my wife they will chop her in her face. I don’t know what more to do,” the scared and frustrated businessman said.

Some of the men photographed in Lambert’s yard, allegedly threatening him

Lambert told INFO 10 that he is even more scared, since his wife is the Headteacher of Wiruni Primary School.  “The first instance I was not at home, they told my wife they will chop her in her face….the second instance, a guy pull up at my house and say they will have to take me out (kill him) and the last time, three men armed with a cutlass and wood threatened to kill me and I had to secure my home tightly to protect myself and family,” Lambert said.

The ministers instructed the Officer- in-Charge of the Sub-Region District, to address the situation urgently.