May 23, 2024



Community Library initiative seeks to boost literacy among residents

Mr. Troy Fingal

The ‘Bring a Book’, Take a Book’ initiative that was launched in the Mackenzie community of Kara Kara, seeks to boost literacy, so that residents can be empowered through reading. The initiative was established by Mr. Troy Fingal, a U.S -based Lindener, who used his resources to not only construct a public book cabinet in Kara Kara, but to supply it with scores of books that can benefit kids and adults.

 In the simple handing over ceremony to community leaders, Fingal said his objective was to encourage literacy at the grass root level, and this will create positive growth and empowerment at all levels. “My objective is if a kid or an adult take a book, the chances are they will go through at least half the book, so empowerment through reading. We want to encourage literacy within our community,” he said. Fingal said he was also motivated by his mother, who is a veteran educator, and who always desired to see literacy blossom at the community level.

A young child borrowing a book from the community library

While this one book cabinet is just the start, Fingal said he desires to see it being reflected in other communities. Answering his call to ensure this is replicated is the Regional Democratic Council. Councillor responsible for the community, Coretta Walton, said she not only lauds the initiative, but will make tangible contributions to ensuring it is upkept.

In a Facebook post, Regional Chairman Deron Adams, said that more communities will soon benefit from community libraries as well.