March 5, 2024



Coomacka residents experiencing severe flooding

A resident of Coomacka trying to cross the inundated road

Since the commencement of the May-June rainy season, residents of Coomacka-Mines, are experiencing severe inundation, resulting in their properties and other public infrastructure being damaged. The flooding commenced two weeks ago, and occurs every time there is heavy rainfall. Residents are bemoaning the situation and have explained that the flooding is as a result of a small koker, in addition to a narrow drain, that cannot effectively drain the water, whenever there is a deluge.

Scores of homes are affected by this, in central Coomacka. One resident Timika Williams, told INFO 10, that this has been ongoing for years, every time it is rainy season. “The koker can’t take off the water, the drain is narrow in front of the koker and the water would rush down right in front of us, from the school straight down,” she said.

Residents are calling for a bigger koker and a better drainage system that will better control the flow of the water. Regional Executive Officer Dwight John, said that emergency works will be conducted in the community, to improve the drainage system as soon as possible.

The main road in Coomacka being flooded

Since the flooding, residents received cleaning supplies from the Civil Defence Commission.

Regional Chairman Deron Adams, since he would have engaged the relevant authorities including the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA), on the flooding situation in Region 10, since Coomacka is not the only community that was affected. Other communities that are experiencing flooding are Speightland, Kwakwani, Aroiama and some communities on the Wismar shore.  Agriculture in the region has also been severely affected by the recent flood, as farmers have reported losing thousands of dollars in produce.