April 15, 2024



Linden Restoration Project dubbed a success

The spirit of self-help came alive in Linden on Monday, as scores of residents residing in several communities, participated in the Linden Restoration Project, which aimed at restoring the aesthetics of communities and by extension, the image of Linden. The project is the brainchild of the youths of Praise Tabernacle Assemblies of God Church and was materialised with support from the Office of the Mayor, Waneka Arrindell.

 Arrindell told INFO 10, that the first phase of the project was deemed a success, as residents from the various communities such as Amelia’s Ward, Richmond Hill, Watooka, Green Valley, Victory Valley, Blue Berry Hill, Christianburg, One Mile, Canvas City, Wisroc, Block 22 and Rasville, came out in their numbers, to lend a hand in the self-help initiative.

Residents were tasked with presenting whatever issue in their community needed addressing and the Office of the Mayor engaged corporate Linden and other stakeholders, to assist in providing whatever tangible support was needed. Requests were made for material to repair streets, machinery to clear drains and equipment for landscape. Several businesses in Linden came on board to render assistance. The Mayor expressed gratitude to BOSAI Minerals Group Guyana, Bernard’s Variety Store, Jermaine and Son Variety Store, B.Harry Lumber Yard, amongst others. Ranks from the Region 10 Division of police, also participated in the initiative.

The Mayor lauded the project as an initiative to boost tourism within the township. “Linden is moving towards a tourist destination, every weekend, there are hundreds of people coming to see Linden, to see our blue lakes, to see our hills, to see our historical sites and so this in an opportunity for us to development Linden,” With the physical transformation of the township, domestic and foreign tourists will continue to influx the township and this will have a ripple effect on the its economy.

This first phase of the project is expected to continue on the 10th and 11th July, 2021. The second phase includes a street naming exercise which will be followed by the erection of signage in the various communities.