May 26, 2024



Two in custody after confessing to burning Linden GECOM office

  • says APNU supporter Byron Kendall allegedly r paid $150,000 to get the job done.
Byron Kendall

Two men are now in custody after they allegedly confessed to setting the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) building (Wismar Branch) on fire July 14th, 2020. They alleged that they were paid $150,000 by APNU supporter and former Community Development Council Officer Byron Kendall called Murgie to burn the building down because GECOM was taking long to swear in former President David Granger.
On Monday 5th July, 2021, Teon February called ‘Nut’, age 23 years and a laborer of Lot G 5 Canvas City, Wismar Linden; and Marlon Hunter called ‘Bushy’, age 21 years from from 4th Street, Silver Town, Wismar Linden were arrested in relation to the said matter and other matters.

Teon February

During a video interview, the police said that February admitted to being involved. According to February, he was contacted by Kendall on the night of 13th July, 2020 and he told him that he wanted him to burn the GECOM building. February said he then told his cousin Marlon Hunter to join him and on the said night sometime after 22:00 hours, Kendall picked them up in a silver Note motor car and they drove to Burnham Drive where Kendall pointed out the building to them.

Marlon Hunt

February said Kendall told him that he wanted the building to burn the same night and that he would give them $150,000 on completion of the task. Kendall gave them a yellow five-gallon bottle of gas which he had in his car trunk at the time and then left. February said they hid the gas in some nearby bushes a short distance from the GECOM building and they went home. About 12 midnight on 14th July 2020 he and his cousin Marlon left on foot. On arrival they collected the gas, entered the compound from a side gate and gained access to the GECOM building from the back door.
February said they then went to what appeared to be a store room in the upper flat of the building where he threw the gas and lit the room on fire. After setting the room on fire, there was an explosion which cause them to receive burns on their feet.
February said they escaped the scene and went home using the same route they took to get to the building. On their arrival home, he said his three cousins, Tasha, Tash and Talla were home. February said they told them (cousins) what had transpired and Tasha assisted them with tending to the burns. The same night Kendall went to their home and gave him (February) $75,000 which he gave to his cousin Marlon Hunter.
The following morning, Kendall gave him the other $75,000. After that date, February said he saw Kendall several times but he did not say anything about the incident. He added that Kendall told him that the reason for burning the building was because GECOM was taking too long to swear in Mr. David Granger.
Marlon Hunter was next interviewed on camera and he supported the story told by February.

Investigations are in progress. Kendall is also in custody.

Police investigators are also pursuing an official in Linden who is said to be the intellectual author behind the burning of the GECOM building.