May 26, 2024



IKO Karate Academy launched in Linden

-Youth development is top on the agenda

Members of the IKO

Last Saturday the International Karate Organisation (IKO) of Guyana, officially launched its Dojo in Linden.
The academy which is set out to train persons from age five to adulthood, primary focus is to make a positive impact on youths through personal development and empowerment. It aims to impress upon them, the importance of moral values, while imparting the self defence and holistic aspect.

The brainchild behind the successful launch, is Lt. Colonel Eon Murray, following consultations with the Chairman and Chief Instructor of the IKO Academy of Guyana, Shihan Jeffrey Wong. Wong is a seven Dan Black Belt with over 50 years of experience in Shotokan Karate-do.

The IKO Academy of Guyana is a prestigious and most professionally organized entity, that promotes traditional Shotokan karate in the world. The organisation is headquartered in Winter Park Florida, USA.
It’s also the only legal karate entity officially recognised by the Japanese government with members in over 100 countries.

While many cons surround the art of karate, the academy seeks to educate the public, particularly parents who wish to have their child/children participating in worthwhile activities, of the academy’s abundance of benefits and opportunities both in and out of the Dojo.

Lt. Colonel Eon Murray

Aliya Wong, a third degree Dan Black Belt and instructor attached to Guyana’s IKO karate-do Academy in an interview with this media house, outlined several benefits and opportunities.
“It is not just a physical beneficial sport; building your body or building your strength and endurance. It helps you holistically, academically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally, ” Wong posited.
Wong added that while karatekas emotions and spirituality are moulded through meditations, they are also taught respect, resilience and determination to better harness life’s challenges.

Sponsored by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China

While some may aim to gravitate to karate for the sole purpose of enhancing one’s combating technique, Wong alluded that through a series of respectful training sessions, karatekas are taught to “ have enough respect to not retaliate against persons who do not respect you, but rather, should be used in a self defence manner. Karate is not used as a weapon, it is used as self defence, we should never throw the first punch, we should never throw the first hand, we never try to provoke, we always try to refrain from violent behaviours.

Both youths and adults who seek to gravitate to Karate-do , will gain an abundance of exposure, both nationally and internationally, meanwhile, creating gateways to a series of business opportunities.

Lt. Murray, Region Ten’s consultant, informed INFO 10 that the idea was birthed from realising the disadvantage his son faces from travelling to Georgetown to attend classes. He also desired to lend his expertise training in the military to the residents of Region 10, through the Dojo in the aspects of time management, character building, capacity building, respect and responsibility.
Murray believes that conservative efforts by adults to engage the youths should be primary, rather than “leaving them to the whims and fancies of social media and other negative influences.”

Persons interested in registration can contact Lt.Colonel Eon Murray on 6240923