April 19, 2024



New Waste Management Strategy on the cards for LMTC

The Linden Mayor and Town Council (LM&TC) is partnering with Environmental Management Consultant, Mr. Samuel Wright, to develop and implement a new waste management strategy and plan for waste generated daily in the Linden community.

“The municipal officials project that this plan will be an aggressive and informed approach to waste management with the opportunity to take new and innovative channels, to tackle the waste issues that may impact our communities, environment and the economy at large” said Mayor Arrindell at the recent launch of the initiative

The initiative will be led and coordinated by Deputy Mayor, Mr. Wainewright Bethune. He posited that the LM&TC currently has no guidelines on how they manage and dispose of waste in the town but only offers collection and disposal services to residents. This new approach, he said, aims at advancing that service.

The final draft of the waste management strategy/plan will reflect collaboration with the relevant government and regulatory agencies which are the Regional Democratic Council (RDC), regional stakeholders such as the private sector, local businesses and residents of Linden. These will play a pivotal role in the town’s waste management strategies which include the practice of proper waste disposal, recycling, reusing, composting and the reduction of waste generated on a daily basis.

Mayor of Linden- Waneka Arrindell

According to the consultant Mr. Samuel Wright, “this strategic plan is in its initial stage, which will take approximately three months before reaching to the execution stage. He also stated that challenges to getting the project completed may include, managing waste from the point of how much will be generated, addressing the types of waste retrieved from homes or from the market places, the upgrading of garbage-collection trucks , funding, low expectations from citizens and the expectation of having all stakeholders involved. “Waste management is a business, which involves employment”, he said, hinting that the project will also open doors for employment in the region.

Consultant- Samuel Wright

Head of Environmental Department Anneta Humphrey, said, “the waste management initiative will be instrumental to the development of the Linden community and cannot be achieved in isolation, therefore efforts will be made for networking and partnership.”  “Part of our strategy is to edify and sensitise the public of the importance of a waste management plan and how the absence of one will negatively impact the community”.

This venture is one of LM&TC’s largest projects currently and Mayor Arrindell hopes for it to be executed as planned, to satisfy yet another need for the Linden community.