March 5, 2024



Suspects nabbed in connection with murdered youth found in the Berbice River

Dead- Kevin DeAbreu

Several suspects fingered in the killing of 24-year-old Kevin DeAbreu of Wiruni Village, Upper Berbice River, was on Wednesday taken into custody at the Kwakwani Police Station to assist with the ongoing investigation.

According to reports, amongst those arrested is the captain of the boat DeAbreu boarded from his father’s residence around 10:00 hrs on Sunday, September 12, with the intent of visiting family members and returning home the said afternoon.

The father of the deceased, Joseph Hamilton, told this media house that upon realising his son did not returned home, he suggested he would probably be extending his stay.
Hamilton said he subsequently received calls informing him of his son’s motionless body being fished out of the Berbice River on Tuesday, September 14.

DeAbreu was found with a slit throat and a mutilated face.

The distraught father also related to INFO 10 that he’s in shock as to why anyone would want his eldest and only son dead, since he was not known to have a questionable character or any grievances with anyone.

Police investigation continues