May 26, 2024



Sod turned for Blueberry Hill Health Centre

From left is SIMCON’s site engineer Mr. Burnette, Chairman of the RDC’s Health Committee Councillor Gordon Callender and Councillor Coretta Braithwaite-Walton, Regional Chairman Deron Adams, and Councillors Norris King, Donna Perry, Michelle Daniels and Franklin Carew.

The Regional Democratic Council (RDC) of Region 10, recently hosted a sod-turning ceremony for the construction of a health centre at Blue Berry Hill, Wismar, Linden. Present at the simple ceremony was Regional Chairman, Deron Adams; Chairman of the RDC’s Health Committee, Councillor Gordon Callender as well as Councillors Donna Perry, Norris King, Franklin Carew, Coretta Braithwaite-Walton and Michelle Daniels.

The Health Centre was budgeted for in 2019 to form part of the 2020 work programme and it was initially intended that the facility be constructed within the compound of the Upper-Demerara Hospital. However, with the emerging of the COVID-19 pandemic, a decision was made to focus on the effective management of COVID-19 within the region; therefore resources budgeted for the institution, had been converted to transforming the Upper-Demerara Hospital to a COVID-19 Unit for Region 10.

Regional Chairman Deron Adams turning the sod at the simple ceremony at the Blueberry Hill Health Centre’s new location adjacent to the Upper Demerara Hospital, along with Chairman of the RDC’s Health Committee Councillor Gordon Callender and Councilor Donna Perry

With this development, it was also seen to be prudent that whenever this health centre would be reconsidered, its location should be adjusted so that it would stand apart from the COVID-19 facility.The Council therefore reintroduced this proposal in its 2020 budget proposals for projects to be executed this year and upon approval of the submission, the contract was awarded to SIMCON for the construction of this facility. The RDC anticipates that the Blueberry Hill Health Centre will be completed within the stipulated contract parameters and deadlines and at the sod-turning ceremony, the supervising engineer SIMCON Mr. Burnette was urged to ensure that this project is executed efficiently.